WARNING: Don’t Pay For a Personal Horoscope (Until You Understand THIS!)

Have you spent good money on BAD horoscope readings? Are you a bit of an astrology “junkie” like me? Have you made BIG life decisions based on information, insight and intuitive advice you’ve gotten while having your chart read… only to find out later that it wasn’t even CLOSE?

If any of the above sounds even a little bit familiar… the good news is, you are NOT alone!

As a matter of fact, as professional publisher of new age news that cuts across the entire astrological “universe” of related topics, when it comes to personal horoscopes, I hear ONE of 2 reactions.

1 – That was the WORST horoscope ever. Wasn’t even close.

2 – That was AMAZING and so incredibly accurate… it was “FREAKY”!

The biggest difference between the two types of experiences?

The quality of the professional who is doing the session.

Understand this to be true… because it is:

Some astrological services offer TOTALLY “boilerplate” readings. This means scripts, or generic advice that is applied to everyone they see, based on charts, graphs, spreadsheets and generalities.

Many newspaper horoscopes use this sort of approach, and that’s why they can be entertaining… but are NEVER really going to be as accurate, or impressive as a personalized horoscope you’d get from a professional.

The second type of experience, which is almost ALWAYS really great, is simply put, PERSONALIZED.

It is really about you, and the very specific set of symbols, circumstances and sequences that surround YOUR story. (because at heart, each of our lives is really only about the story we are here to tell)

It may involve tarot. It may involve symbols and systems that are unique to the reader, and are unique to YOUR specific circumstances as well. These will never be scripted, or generalized, and will never sound like they could apply to EVERYONE born under a specific sign as well.

The key to ensuring you get the kind of personalized horoscope you deserve?

Do a bit of research before you call (or visit).

Get a feel for what kind of tools, or techniques horoscope the astrologer, or service you’ve chosen employs to do your reading.

Avoid FREE horoscope sites for sure…..as they are almost always going to be using the same boilerplate, generalized horoscope that is printed in the newspaper every day. (and more often than not, they are going to want you to buy something from them later anyway, and the “free” offer is just to get you through the door)

(which is obviously silly… and never going to lead to accurate information you can really trust!)

Lastly… remember to ENJOY yourself, have fun, and relax! (after all… your horoscope SHOULD be informative, but it should also be FUN!)

WARNING! Don’t get scammed by another “SCRIPTED” Horoscope Reading EVER Again!

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